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SMS and Text Messaging What is an SMS Message?

What is an SMS Message?

SMS is an acronym for Short Messaging Service. While there is a technical difference in most cases SMS messages are synonymous with text messages. Technically speaking an SMS message is a text message that is sent using a specific protocol based on the GSM standards. In most cases you will find that SMS and text messaging are used interchangably to define any message that is sent using a wireless network/signal.

Text messaging or texting initially referred to messages sent using SMS (Short Message Service). The terms text messaging or texting have grown beyond simple alphanumeric messages to include multimedia (MMS messages) as well. MMS messages can include digital images, videos, sound, emojis and emoticons. Today, text messages can be sent over a cell network, via a modem or an Internet connection.

Article Date: August 6, 2020


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