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SMS and Text Messaging Mass Alert System for Schools

Mass Alert System for Schools

Many schools systems are using mass alert systems. The mass alert system can include an automated dialer with robocalls, but more often than not modern day mass alert systems are designed to send text messages.

The mass alerts could be used to send incidental messages like reminders of concerts or specific school events, or messages could be sent to cancel school in the event of inclement weather. Parents no longer need to wake up and turn on the radio and listen to the long litany of schools waiting for their child's institution to be called. Text message alerts indicating school closures are convenient and efficient.

Mass text alerts can also be used to send urgent and critical messages, about an active shooter on campus, or shelter in place orders. While none of us like to imagine this type scenario, it is important that a school or campus is prepared for the worst case scenario. A text message indicating a shelter in place order could save a life.

The most effective way to manage mass notifications or mass text messaging is to use software, like PageGate. PageGate allows for targeted mass text messages to be sent in a very short time frame. In fact PageGate is scaleable, so that it can be expanded and accomodate both small schools or large campuses. Utilizing technology to send mass alerts makes sense.

Article Date: August 6, 2020


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