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For College Students Anxious About Back-to-School, This Texting Service Has Solutions

Texting Solutions for Students
Coming to college invariably carries mixed emotions--be it excitement, nerves, uncertainty, or missing home, it is bound to be a complex and meaningful experience. And with each new year posing unique triumphs and anxieties, coming back to college each year can mean a revival of the first-day nerves. To make the first week a little easier, Shine has launched a project that relies on text messaging to support
students as they transition into, or back into, college life.

The Flip Side, created by Shine in partnership with Kik, is a free opt-in service that uses SMS or Kik to send a series of supportive messages as students gear up to return to school. On Shine’s website, the creators write that the campaign aims to help students “see the flip side of things we all stress out about when heading to school.”

Students feeling apprehensive about school can opt in to receive the texts on Shine’s website. Opting in initiates a series of five days of a daily text message that addresses and reframes common back-to-school anxieties with research-supported content.

The Flip Side is only a small part of Shine’s work to bolster positivity and self-care with text messaging subscription services. By subscribing to Shine’s regular SMS series, users will receive what Shine calls “a daily text to help you thrive.” Users receive the text messages every day Monday through Friday at a time that they select. Like The Flip Side, these research-backed texts promote positivity, productivity, confidence, and self-care, providing users with motivating quotes, relevant articles, and actionable steps they can take towards greater success and happier living.

In addition to general support, Shine’s SMS service is tailored to supporting goals and intentions that Shine users can specify to the service. A user can change the goal they are working towards at any time by simply sending a text to the service.

The power of SMS to achieve change cannot be underestimated; according to Shine’s website, 93% of their subscribers report feeling more confident and overall happier each day after receiving the texts. And not only is confidence important to happy and healthy living, but it is key to success.

With the hectic schedules and many anxieties that school and work present, Shine’s texts offer a brilliantly simple touch of light. With people under 30, students and professionals alike, relying on texting as the dominant mode of communication, the texts are a convenient and accessible way to uplift young people through the many insecurities they may encounter in their day-to-day lives.

The Flip Side is available until September 15th, 2017, with September
10th being the last day to enroll in the five-day campaign.

About the Author -
Sharon Housley is the VP of Marketing for NotePage, Inc. a software company for communication software solutions. http://www.notepage.net


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