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SMS and Text Messaging Using Text Messaging for University Recruitment and Retention

Using Text Messaging for Univeristy Recruitment and Retention

Students in their senior year have lots of distractions, and there is quite literally an on-going battle for their attention. Some universities have realized the best way to reach these students is where they are at. All teens these days spend more time and attention to their cell phone. As a result universities have begun implementing text messaging as a means to reach these students, whether its a quick reminder to submit application paperwork, financial aid forms or complete their profiles by the deadlines.

Text messaging recruitment has been so successful, many Universities have begun using text messaging as a means to increase student retention. Being at college is full of "firsts" for many students. In many cases college is the first time a student is away from home, without supervision. It may also be the first time a student struggles in a class. It may be the first time a student is responsible for managing their time and responsibilities. Believe it or not, text messaging has been effectively implemented to assist with student retention at universities and can be helpful when a student is adjusting to all of their "firsts".

Many Universities and institutes of higher learning are encouraging teachers to use messaging to communicate with their students and to make a direct connection. Text messaging can build a rapport with the professor. The texts can remind students about office hours, study sessions, course deadlines, internship opportunities, extra credit options or provide feedback on assignments.

Text messaging can be a fantastic tool for both recruiting and retaining students. Many innovative Colleges and Universities are finding interesting ways to deepen a students connection to the school through text messaging. Text alerts and notifications related to alumni relationships, internship opportunities, job prospects and career services can further promote the student-campus connection. Colleges have found a variety of ways to leverage text messaging to increase enrollment, retain students and improve each students college experience.

Article Date: August 25, 2020


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