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SMS and Text Messaging Storm Preparedness and Text Messaging

Storm Preparedness and Text Messaging

Here are some storm tips that you can receive via text message:

Stay Informed
Stay up to date on the latest weather forecasts and alerts by signing up for text message alerts from local weather organizations or the National Weather Service.

Create a Plan
Develop a plan for what you and your family will do in the event of a storm. This should include where you will go, what supplies you will need, and how you will communicate with each other.

Build an Emergency Kit
Assemble an emergency kit with supplies like non-perishable food, water, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit. Keep your kit in a location that is easy to access in the event of a storm.

Stay Safe
During a storm, stay away from windows and doors, and seek shelter in a basement or interior room. If you are driving, pull off the road and park in a safe location.

Follow Evacuation Orders
If you are asked to evacuate your home or business, do so immediately. Follow the recommended evacuation routes and leave early to avoid traffic.

Check on Loved Ones
After a storm, check on loved ones to make sure they are safe. If you are unable to reach someone, contact the local authorities for assistance.

Stay Aware
Stay alert for any additional storms or alerts that may be issued. Follow the instructions of local authorities and be prepared to take additional safety measures if needed.

Article Date: January 4, 2023

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