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Power Outage Notifications

Power Outage Notifications

Power Outage Notifications

Whether planned or unplanned power outages have the potential to be excessively disruptive in the modern western world. In an effort to minimize the incovenience and provide superior customer service many power companies have increased their modes and methods of communicating details of outages.

Now many power companies send out text notifications in the event of outages. Using technology power companies are able to keep customers up to date on repairs and the progress of any repairs. Power companies can often provide an estimated time for power restoration, allowing their customers to plan accordingly.

Check with your local energy company to determine if they provide notifications as part of their customer service.

In many cases you will be required to subscribe or "opt-in" to the notification services offered. More often than not you will simply be required to provide your cell phone number, but you may also be asked for the name of your cellular carrier. It really depends on how the power company is sending the message as to whether the power company will require the name of your telecom carrier/provider.

The power company may also offer you an option of opting into email notification in addition to text notification. If you are able to receive email notifications on your phone this may be of interest, of course without power you will be unable to receive email notifications on home computers.

Losing power can be a hassle but with up to date restoration and repair information you will be able to plan accordingly, manage your time, and hopfefully minimize any inconvenience.

Article Date: June 6, 2022

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