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Advanced Email Parser Integration

Solution Overview: With AEP, you won't have to process incoming mail manually any more, whatever number of mailboxes you have. Just imagine that you don't need to collect information from the reports sent to you and to import it to another application or database any more -- now, AEP is at your disposal to do the job for you.

AEP can be used to do the following jobs automatically: processing of order forms received via e-mail, sending replies to clients, filling order databases, processing new orders, sorting and redirecting e-mail message flows, compiling mailing lists, maintaining statistics of any kind, creating automatic answering services, mail robots, saving back-up copies of important messages. Also, AEP can be used as intellectual email autoresponder or message parser. .

Benefits: By using Advanced Email Parser in conjunction with NotePage's software individuals can set certain rules, and based on those rules email can be directed to an individuals pager or cell phone.

advanced email parser

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