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Personal Stock Streamer

Solution Overview: Personal Stock Streamer is a desktop companion for online investors. It receives real-time streaming quotes from featured data services, organizes them into convenient views, and displays them in a scrolling desktop ticker bar. When you're at your desk, minimize Personal Stock Streamer's main window and let it work for you in the background. It will automatically inform you of events you're interested in based on rules you set, and it can even page you if you're away from your desk! Personal Stock Streamer includes a Quick Start Wizard and a Tour guide to get you up and running tracking your favorite stocks, funds, options or indexes in just a few minutes. Advanced charting includes end of day and streaming intraday charts with technical analysis. Set up multiple chart profiles with all your favorite indicators and switch between them at will! Use the built-in portfolio manager to automatically track the value of your holdings to show you how the days events are affecting your investments. An included asset allocation graph lets you see where your money is working for you. Internet bookmarks allow you keep pointers to key articles close by. monitoring your investments online much easier.

Benefits: For beginners and professionals alike, Personal Stock Streamer makes monitoring your investments online much easier. Realtime quotes charts your online trading site, and many other useful features like stock alerts, makes Personal Stock Streamer an invaluable addition to your investment strategy.

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