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White Papers and Customer Profiles Cornell Fingerlakes Credit Union White Paper

Company Name: Cornell Fingerlakes Credit Union

Business Description:
Cornell FingerLakes Credit Union, a financial cooperative located in Ithaca, NY. Cornell Fingerlakes is dedicated to providing their members the highest level of financial services. Strong and growing, they offer excellent borrowing and savings programs, and are dedicated to educating people to be wise consumers and smart money managers.

White Paper / Customer Quote: "We have a relatively simple use for NotePage's PageGate. The Credit Union's "core" system has an error monitor agent as an option that will report text-based messages as a result of an error. These errors specifically would result from a failed task within the automated task scheduler. The "scheduler" automates most of the routine events that occur on a daily basis. A failed task requires operator intervention within a period of time or other dependent tasks will not occur. PageGate reads the folder where the errors are written to, and sends the message via email through our Internet firewall to our paging company's email-based paging service. It works great. PageGate I believe provided the flexibility to allow us to adapt to the error monitor's file naming convention."
Robert Fisher, Cornell Fingerlakes Credit Union

Cornell Fingerlakes Credit Union PDF Case Study


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