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07.31.04 - 08.01.04 New SNPP Settings Added

We've recently added a number of SNPP addresses in the support section. The most recent addition is PagePlus / Mobilecomm Ohio which has just recently added SNPP as a delivery option.

07.29.04 - 07.30.04 Wireless Priority / Zetron

AT&T Wireless announced today that it has signed a contract to provide Wireless Priority Service (WPS), which helps national security officials, emergency responders, and those in critical infrastructure industries communicate during times of emergency.

WPS works by giving a limited number of government-authorized wireless phone users priority access to the wireless network. If wireless network capacity is strained during an emergency, the authorized users’ emergency calls are the first to go through. In essence, these calls are moved to the “front of the line” so that they may be completed using the next available wireless channel.

more on wireless priority

Occasionally we receive equipment requests and though NotePage's software will work with anyone, we have a great relationship with Zetron. If you are in need of in-house paging terminal consider zetron.

07.27.04 - 07.28.04 Add SMS to Existing Applications

NotePage has a very flexible integration program that allows developers or customers to SMS messaging or paging to existing applications. The integration rarely requires any coding changes as alerts can be passed to NotePage's software via a commandline/ASCII interface. The integration program is free to participate in and the benefits are numerous. We make every effort to promote our partners through our network of 60 ancillary web sites. If you are interested in adding SMS to an existing application please contact us.

Information on NotePage's integration program can be seen at

07.25.04 - 07.26.04 4th Annual Ericson Mobile Awards

Application providers from around the globe are invited to submit innovative, attractive and revenue generating mobile services until October 15, 2004. The best applications will be chosen to compete in the finals on December 1st, 2004. You will get the chance to be in front of industry leaders and potential customers and business partners.

07.23.04 - 07.24.04 Building Control Systems

Many building control systems including Honeywell, Andover Controls, and Novar Controls can use PageGate to send building alerts to pagers and cell phones. Even the older legacy building control systems, can be easily integrated to send alerts. The additional notification increases the maintenance department's response times, and the building's overall health and functionality.

07.21.04 - 07.22.04 Cell Phone Detector

A team of secondary-school students in New Zealand has created a mobile phone detector for a business competition at their school, St. Thomas of Canterbury College in Christchurch. The device, which the students named CellTrac-r, can detect radio signals that cell phones use when transmitting or receiving either calls or text messages. When activity is detected, the device illuminates a series of lights that indicate that activity and how far it is from the detector, which can monitor distances up to 30 meters. Similar devices are currently available from electronics makers, but the one developed by the students is significantly less expensive than those available today. The students have sold all 20 of the first batch they made, for NZ$39.95. Linda Roberts of the University of Canterbury said she plans to test the devices during university exams at the end of the year in an effort to prevent students' cheating with cell phones. "People could be texting away in an exam of 400 people and it would be hard to detect," said Roberts. The devices will also be tested in a local prison to detect unauthorized cell-phone usage within the prison. BBC, 20 July 2004

07.19.04 - 07.20.04 Ringtones & Related

Suggested resources for ringtones and mobile software that NotePage supports:

Mobile Phones Software

Ringtones Central

07.17.04 - 07.18.04 Qualcomm

Qualcomm Inc. successfully tested an in-cabin voice communications system using CDMA mobile phones, the company announced Thursday. Passengers, including reporters and government representatives, were able to place and receive phone calls and text messages during the proof-of-concept demonstration on board a two-hour American Airlines flight out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The system uses an in-cabin third-generation “picocell” network and an air-to-ground Globalstar satellite link to provide CDMA service.

07.14.04 - 07.15.04 New Integrations

In the coming we weeks we will be announing a number of new integration relationships with other developers. The new integrations are innovative and offer additional functionality. Stay tuned...

07.12.04 - 07.13.04 Security Flaws at Orange

It has been reported that security flaws at Orange's website allow customers to browse messages of other customers as well as bill information! Users login to send sms and appear to have free access to accounts.

07.09.04 - 07.11.04 Resource for Small Businesses

NotePage sponsors a resource site for small businesses, the site includes articles, sample letters, software, a blog and forum. Check it out if you are a small business -

07.07.04 - 07.08.04 Integration

If you are using NotePage's software in conjunction with another application please contact us. NotePage has a very flexible integration partner program that allows us to provide some great perks to partners. By working with other developers we are able to provide total solutions to clients.

07.02.04 - 07.04.04 Recycling Cell Phones

Recycling Cell Phones - What many don't realize is that in many cases, the materials used to construct cell phones are toxic. Toxic elements found in many of today's cell phones can include arsenic, in semi-conductors and lead in the solder material. While the materials in a single phone are minimal consider the number of discarded cell phones in the relatively short time the technology has been available. The placement of these devices in landfills will cause long lasting damage and harm to the environment.

06.30.04 - 07.01.04 SMTP Additions

We have recently added a number of SMTP settings for international carriers. If you know of others that we have overlooked please drop us an email.

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