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White Papers and Customer Profiles Texas Bank White Paper

Company Name: Texas Bank

Business Description:
Texas Bank is a financial institution.

White Paper: Texas Bank purchased PageGate because it incorporates an ASCII interface with its paging features. This is used to enhance network security and intrusion detection capabilities. They currently have a system that operates in stealth mode(all network protocols have been removed from the NIC and the NIC has been disabled. This NIC is then plugged into a span port on their switch which monitors all network traffic for intrusion detection). If this system detects an attempt to gain unauthorized access to their network, it responds to that attack. In addition, the software has the capability to write a text file that describes the attack in place. The ultimate use for PageGate is to send the contents of the text file to my alphanumeric pager so that the administrator will know what is happening to their network. This is important because their switch sits in a telephone room that the administrator visits only on occasion. The majority of the time, the room is unattended.
Don Felty, Data Processing Officer Texas Bank

Texas State Bank PDF Case Study


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