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Navicare Integration

Solution Overview: Interfacing with your existing departmental and Hospital Information Systems, The Health Enterprise Navigatorô system provides compelling quantitative, qualitative, and strategic benefits to a broad array of beneficiaries, the most important of which are your patients and their families. The PC-based NaviCare system uses real-time communication and workflow tools to improve patient throughput efficiencies across organization. More than just a scheduling or patient-tracking tool, NaviCare provides actual, detailed information reflecting what is happening throughout the organization at any given time. NaviCare provides immediate patient flow information, utilizing PageGate for notification of alerts or status changes, thus smoothing out the patient flow process within a facility.

Benefits: Navicare allows for real-time work flow management. By using PageGate in conjunction with Navicare's system alerts can be immediately sent to physicians and support staff's pagers and cellular phones.

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