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April 2018 - Newsletter

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Welcome to NotePage news. If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

New web API polling!
With updated support for HTTPGET and HTTPPOST, you can poll information from a web API to be delivered as messages to your recipients and groups. For example, you could configure a system to poll the National Weather Service for the weather in your local area, then pass the returned information to your recipients and groups as SMS, email, etc!

Filter Your Text or SMS Messages
The Filter Pack is incredibly powerful and significantly enhances and expands what PageGate can do.  The PageGate Filter Pack is used in conjunction with the Command Line ASCII Interface, enabling PageGate to pass all messages through a customizable filter. This gives PageGate the power to completely reformat the contents of, or extract data from the original message text.  
PageGate Filter Pack -

Expanded Use for Emergence Services
In the Emergency Management world, PageGate is most commonly used in conjunction with a CAD (Computer Automated Dispatch) system that feeds data in to our program for it to deliver as outbound messages. However, for those clients who already have PageGate and use it in these environments, that unlocks the doors to quite a few other things for you.

PageGate can do far more than just integrate with a CAD system, it can also tie in to your network and PC monitoring software with programs like Paessler's PRTG and SolarWinds' Orion and Network Performance Monitor applications. These applications monitor your network nodes and servers and can be configured to send SMS/Page/Email notifications to PageGate in the event that a trigger condition happens.

For example, you can configure PRTG and Orion to create an alert when a server's memory is nearing capacity. You can also alert based on network load, server up time and down time and many, many other things. 

If you already have PageGate, there may be ways to expand its usage to make your IT Department's life quite a bit easier.

Check Your Version!  
The current version of PageGate is Version 8.2. There are significant enhancements! if you have not yet upgraded yet be sure to checkout the new release of PageGate!

Using Cellular Hardware
Using cellular hardware to send text or SMS messages means that you can no longer have to track the carrier associated with each device that you are sending to. This can save significant administrative time!  Learn more about using PageGate with cellular modems and routers. 
Cellular Hardware -

Many New White Papers and Case Studies
Perhaps you can extend your PageGate use! Have a look at the various ways different companies are using PageGate to save time and money in their business!
White Papers/Case Studies -

GroundProbe White Paper

NotePage's PageGate software can be combined with GroundProbe's innovative SSR-Viewer 8.1 as a powerful means to address the danger of fatalities on mine sites. GroundProbe offers comprehensive and reliable slope stability monitoring and data interpretation to detect and predict unsafe mine site conditions, and does so with greater speed than any competing softwares. Using the versatile and effective mass messaging powers of PageGate, GroundProbe offers a robust means of distributing vital and accurate information about mine site safety that could save lives.
GroundProbe -

Many New Integration Steps Available!
We have significantly expanded the integration section. With step by step instructions on how PageGate can be used with a variety of new applications.

List of Integration Steps -

New Integrations!
Log Rhythm

Google Hangouts

Schneider Electric




UPDATED SolarWinds Orion Platform

What's Up Gold

2-Way Messaging With PageGate

When using cellular hardware to deliver text messages, the people who receive those SMS have the option to reply to them. When they reply, their message is delivered back to the sending cellular device, where it waits in memory. PageGate can be configured to check the cellular hardware for reply messages received by these devices and process them in a number of ways. Contact us to discuss how you might be able to pursue two way messaging.

Green Tip
To save energy simply turn out lights at the end of the day! You may also want to consider using timers or motion sensors to save energy.

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