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SMS Messaging and Text Messaging Software Background

Recent Press Release NotePage, Inc. Recent Press Releases

Filter Pack Increases the Flexibility and Power of PageGate's Text Messaging Capabilities
February 7, 2019
PageGate Version 8 Enhanced SMS and Text Messaging Gateway
June 14, 2017
NotePager Pro Sends SMS Using the Latest Technologies
July 22, 2015
PageGate Version 7 Text and SMS Messaging Server Released
July 22, 2014
PageGate SMS and Text Messaging Server Released
February 14 , 2013
NotePage SMS Video Tutorials
April 18, 2012
NotePage SMS Learning Center
January 17, 2010
PageGate v5 Released!
July 2, 2007
Increase Functionality with Minimum Expense
February 13, 2006
The Bat! Integrates with NotePager Pro
March 14 , 2005
AT&T Uses PageGate to Help Blood Center Reach Donors
September 14, 2004
NotePager Pro Integrates with Kiwi Syslog Daemon
April 20 , 2004
PageGate Integrates with SolarWinds Orion
January 15, 2004
Personal Stock Monitor Integrates with NotePager Pro
December 1 , 2003
NotePager Pro Nominated for Industry Awards
June 26, 2003
Send SMS Messages Anywhere, Anytime, to Anyone
January 28, 2003
Wireless Gateway Now Uses the Internet. Reach Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.
May 6, 2002
Know When Your Losing Money! Instant Notification of Web Failure
April 1, 2002
Reaching Out to Carriers
March 20 , 2002
Darn! Don't Forget! Goes Wireless
November 6, 2001
Trigger SMS Messages From Business And Data Events
September 12, 2001
Paging Package Does it All
May 9, 2001
WebGate Provides Affordable, Powerful Internet Paging and Wireless Messaging
January 23, 2001
Monitor your Stocks
January 16, 2001
Wireless Resource for Everything Wireless
December 27, 2000
Software Bargains for Schools and Nonprofits
November 28, 2000
A Tool for the Communication Age!
September 11, 2000
NotePage, Inc. Wins International Software Awards
July 15, 2000
Power Paging from Your Computer Network
June 5, 2000
PageGate is nominated for 2000 Shareware Industry Awards
May 10, 2000
Shareware Industry Awards Recognizes NotePager Net as 2000 nominee for Best Overall Application!
May 10, 2000
NotePage, Inc. recognizes EMS Week with Discounts for EMS personnel
May 4, 2000
Alphanumeric Paging & Wireless Messaging Made Easy
March 1, 2000
NotePage, Inc. announces support of Novell Netware v5.1
February 7, 2000
PageGate is featured on ZDNet
November 4, 1999
WebGate is chosen as Head of the Heard on TUCOWs
August 8, 1999
Interview on WOAI spotlighting NotePager
August 7, 1999
Blind Dialer Incorporated into New Version of PageGate
March 29, 1999
WebGate Release
March 23, 1999
NotePager Net Received 5 Stars from ZdNet
January 17, 1999
NotePager Net Full Feature Network Paging Software Released
October 12, 1998
NotePager 32 Product release announcement
May 11, 1998
New Version Release of NotePager alphanumeric paging software
February 1, 1998
NotePage, Inc. announces release of PageGate w/Email and Web
November 16, 1997
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