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How to Integrate SolarWinds Orion with PageGate

Steps to Use SolarWinds Orion Platform with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from SolarWinds Orion Platform

Alerts are generated for user-definable events, and may be triggered by the simple occurrence of an event or by the crossing of a threshold value for a monitored Interface, Volume or Node. Alerts may be set to notify different people on different days, different times of the day, different people for different events, or any combination of times, events, and people. Alerts can be configured to notify people who need to know about the emergent event.

How To Setup

Alerts are configured within the System Manager application. You may open System Manager by selecting

Start -> SolarWinds Orion Platform -> System Manager

To begin, click Alerts on the toolbar (or Alerts -> Configure Alerts). Clicking the "Alerts" button will display the Active Alerts dialog. The Active alerts dialog displays a table view of your Alerts log allowing you to customize the list by selecting a grouping criteria.

Select either Type of Alert or Node from the drop down to change the Default message text is provided for the Trigger and Reset messages within the corresponding "Trigger Message" and "Reset Message" tabs.

You may change this text if you wish, but it's important that you understand that you understand the use of Macros beforehand. Click "Help with Macros" button for online help or visit Alert Macros on page 233 of the Orion Platform Guide.

Dial or SMS Service

Alert actions can be integrated with NotePage's messaging software and configured to send an SMS message to a mobile phone or pager. Within the "Edit NotePage Action" dialog, Target Machine or Domain tab, specify the Page Recipient from values.

Click on Ellipsis button to be presented the NotePager Recipients dialog which provides a list of all individuals and groups configured in the NotePager registry. Double-click on a Recipient in the "All Recipients" box on the left to move it to the Send Page To box on the right, or use the arrows provided. Alternatively, a double-click or the use of back arrows will remove an individual or group from the Send Page To box.

Once satisfied click "OK" to return to "Edit NotePage Action" dialog.

Tips to Integrate with SolarWinds

Video Tutorial to Setup Integration with SolarWinds Orion and PageGate

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