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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Integration with TweetyMail

Steps to Use TweetyMail with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages Using TweetyMail

Here are the steps on how to have PageGate use Tweetymail or another third party service to post to Twitter:

The first step is to configure an email address on Tweetymail, Twittermail or your preferred email-to-twitter platform. Typically speaking, you'll need to create an account with their service, log in and link an email address to your Twitter account. That way, when messages are sent to their posting account (, for example) from the specified email address, Tweetymail understands that the message should be posted to your Twitter account.

For an overview of how PageGate can send email, have a look at this video tutorial:

To configure PageGate to relay email through an SMTP/Email server:

To configure PageGate to function as a mail server:

Once you've configured PageGate to send email, you'll need to configure a recipient tied to the posting account of your Email-to-Twitter service:

1) Open PG Admin.

2) Right click Recipients and select Add.

3) Give the Recipient a name.

4) Set the Carrier to one of your email/SMTP based carriers.

5) In the "Email To" field, enter the Email-to-Twitter address.

6) Click Apply.

Since most Email-to-Twitter services require that the messages always come from a specific address, we'll need to declare that in the recipient's template:

1) In PG Admin, expand your Email-to-Twitter recipient and go to the Template sub-section.

2) In the 'Text' section, enter the following:
From = TheTweetyMailLinked@Address.whatever

3) Click Apply.

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