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Integrating PageGate with Google Hangouts

How to Send Text Messages to Google Hangouts

Send Text and SMS Messages to Google Hangouts

PageGate can easily be configured to send messages through Google Hangouts with the XMPP protocol! Here's how:

1) Open PG Admin.

2) Right click Carriers, select 'Add'.

3) Specify the following:
Name: Something straightforward, like GHangouts or GoogleIM
Protocol: XMPP
Port: 443

4) Click Apply.

5) Go to Carriers - <Your New Google Hangouts Carrier> - Advanced

6) Set the Username to the Gmail username (including these messages should come from.

7) Set the Password to the password for that account.

8) Click Apply.

9) Go to Carriers - <Your New Google Hangouts Carrier> - Template

10) Copy and Paste this in to the Settings section:
SubjectSearchLength = 0

11) Click Apply.

Now that you have PageGate ready to send messages through Google Hangouts, here's how to create a Google Hangouts recipient:

1) In PG Admin, right click Recipients and select Add.

2) Give the recipient a name.

3) Set the Carrier to the Google Hangouts carrier you created.

4) In the ID/PIN field, enter the Google contact address (includiung you want to message.

5) Click Apply.

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