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What is New in PageGatePageGate What is New?

PageGate v8 What is New?

PageGate is a messaging server that provides flexible communications options to businesses that rely on communications as an integral part of their businesses. PageGate is a multi-purpose messaging server that can send receive text messages through a variety of inputs and send the messages to wireless devices a variety of ways. Redundancy is built into the messaging server, so that if a delivery method fails a backup method can be selected.

PageGate version 10 is extremeley powerful and flexible and can accomodate a variety of messaging needs!

PageGate Version 10 What is New?

The following are simply the highlights of what is newly available in PageGate Version 10. Additional items have been incorporated as well.

Enhanced Support for Cellular Hardware and InfrastructureSQL Database Module Option


PageGate now supports the option to use SQL Server or SQL Server Express for its database.Among other advantages, this makes it possible to run PageGate more efficiently on cloud servers and on slower WANs.

Updated Operating System SupportImproved Global Performance


Major work has been done to the core of PageGate for version 10, drastically improving its efficiency and usage of resources, like memory, CPU, and data access. The result is a noticeable increase in its operational speed.

PageGate Filter Pack and Enhanced SMS Reply Processing Increased Productivity


Numerous productivity improvements have been made to PG Admin and PG GUI Client, including a brand new search function.

Web API Processing Replies & Two-Way Messaging


PageGate's GUI Client now supports receiving messages and sending replies to those messages.

This allows users to reply back to messages that are received. Messages can also be moved to other users of the PageGate GUI Client, allowing replies to be handled by the person best suited to do so. New messages can also be created by users of the PageGate GUI Client, and sent to other GUI Client users, simulating a chat style conversation.

XMPP / Jabber Delivery Support Secure Deployment with SQL


PageGate can be deployed with an encrypted SQL database connection, guaranteeing that any database connection to the server is secure.

Inbound and Outbound Support for TAP over TCP/IPSecure Client Connections with SQL


PageGate can be deployed to a local, or a cloud server with an encrypted SQL connection. This gives users the ability to use the PageGate Client securely from anywhere!

Serial to ASCII APIEnhanced Support for Cellular Hardware and infrastructure

  PageGate version 10 has continued to build on previous versions' hardware support and can use any style of cellular hardware needed, from cellular gateways on virtual machines to cellular modems connected to physical servers.

Inbound and Outbound Support for TAP over TCP/IP Enhanced Internet API Support


In version 10, PageGate has improved abilities to bi-directionally communicate with nearly any web based API. This allows for both sending information to and receiving information from many Internet and intranet sources.

Serial to ASCII APIScheduled and Repeating Messages with PageGate Admin

  PageGate Admin now has the ability to schedule messages to go out in the future and can also schedule repeating messages, making it much easier to create routines to poll data from APIs (previously the GUI Client was needed to create such messages).

Serial to ASCII APIImproved Data Handling

  Speed, and scope improvements have been made to PageGate’s import, export, backup, logging, and synchronization features.

Serial to ASCII APILook and Feel

  The look and feel of the GUI Client, PG Admin and PG Monitor programs have been updated to have a more modern appearance.

Serial to ASCII APINational Weather System Integration

  PageGate can now support monitoring of the National Weather System's alert, watch and warning system to automatically notify recipients with essential information!

Serial to ASCII APIFilter Pack Option

  The optional Filter Pack has a number if added capabilities and improvements, allowing for even more flexibility and support for nearly any data format. This expands on PageGate's abily to accept, reformat, and send just about any textual data format. It is especially useful when interacting with internet and intranet APIs.

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