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Press Release PageGate - Alphanumeric Paging & Wireless Messaging Made Easy

Hanover, MA - NotePage, Inc. has introduced PageGate version 3, a network paging application that makes it easy for you to use your PC to communicate with alphanumeric and numeric pagers, PCS and digital phones, PCMCIA pager cards, billboards, and other wireless messaging devices. PageGate supports an unlimited number of pagers and service providers, and may be run on a file server or web server, or on a separate workstation or server. For high volume applications, up to 16 dialers may be installed and used simultaneously.

PageGate supports four powerful front-end interfaces, allowing users to purchase only those modules that are useful, and to expand their system as their needs change. These front-end gateways may be used individually or in conjunction with each other, allowing PageGate to receive and process simultaneous messages from multiple sources.

PageGate's proprietary GUI Interface allows Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 users to contact pagers from any Windows workstation. PageGate's E-mail Interface allows e-mails to be received on alphanumeric pagers, or e-mail notifications to be received on numeric pagers.

PageGate's Web Interface processes messages entered on Internet or intranet web pages, and sends them to any wireless messaging device. PageGate also has a Command Line Interface that lets you send pager messages from any Windows or DOS program. It can be activated by running user-developed custom programs, or simply by writing text messages to a previously defined text file in a designated folder.

PageGate supports multiple paging carriers, multiple dialers, direct connections to paging terminals, group paging, scheduled pages, repeating pages, on-call groups, and ad hoc paging, making it ideal for demanding, high-end wireless messaging needs.

System Requirements:

PageGate requires Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 running on a Pentium-class processor, 32Mb of RAM, 50Mb of hard drive space, and a modem.

Pricing and Availability:

PageGate version 3 and its four front-end gateways are available immediately. The cost of the PageGate paging engine depends upon the number of pagers supported. Each of the front-end interface modules may be purchased separately.

For more information, visit the NotePage web site at You can download a trial version of PageGate from the same url. For more information, contact NotePage, Inc. at 291 Rockland Street, Suite 13, Hanover, MA 02339. Phone: (781) 829-0500. TTY/TDD: (781) 829-5067. Fax: (781) 582-1869. E-mail: Internet:

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About NotePage NotePage, Inc. is a Hanover, Massachusetts company specializing in wireless messaging software. In addition to PageGate, they market (1) NotePager Net, a full-featured network paging program that allows an entire network to send messages through a single, centralized paging server, (2) NotePager 32, an easy-to-use standalone alphanumeric paging dispatch program that allows text messages to be sent to single or multiple alphanumeric paging devices, (3) NotePager, the Windows 3.x version of NotePager 32, and (4) WebGate, an Internet paging program that creates a paging gateway from the Internet to paging devices, allowing messages to be sent from e-mail and personal web pages.

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