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Press Release PageGate Integrates With Orion Network Performance Monitor


Receive instant alerts on pagers and cell phones about network status.


HANOVER, MA - NOTEPAGE, INC., a leader in the wireless messaging software industry, announces product integration with Solar Wind, specializes in network management and monitoring software. NotePage's PageGate in combination with Solar Wind's Orion Network Performance Monitor (Orion NPM) sends notification about IP Network status to pagers and cell phones.

PageGate, network-paging software, takes input from any of the front-end interfaces: Web, Email, Commandline/ASCII, Serial, TAP-in and windows GUI Client. PageGate can be run as a system service. Features are group and on-call paging, pre-programmed, scheduled paging, log reports, and scanning of a predetermined file for text messaging. PageGate also support Internet connect, multiple modems and/or a direct connection to paging terminal. Advanced features include password protection, redundant outbound connections, and message rerouting on failure. PageGate is a powerful, scalable network gateway for sending text messages.

Orion NPM is a fault and performance management tool for IP Networks. View real time data and statistics to evaluate and improve performance of the network. An alerting engine automatically provides notification of network events. Data is collected from routers, switches, servers and SNMP devices. Orion NPM monitors CPU load, memory utilization and available disk space. NPM is highly configurable to alert different people at different times about different events.

System or network administrators, and possibly webmasters would find using PageGate with Orion NPM very useful for monitoring IP networks remotely. PageGate and Orion NPM are for administrators who need to know about user-definable events such as occurrences, crossing of a threshold value for an interface, volume or node. Administrators therefore get the information they require in a timely manner. Both programs place emphasis on ease of use, flexibility and reliability. With PageGate and Orion NPM networks are improved and problems can be addressed sooner. Integrating PageGate and Orion Network Performance Monitor adds a greater level of notification to network management. For more information please contact NotePage below or see the following web page at

NotePage, Inc. Inc.
PO Box 296
Hanover, MA, 02339
Tel: (781) 829-0500
Fax: (781) 582-1869


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