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Press Release The Bat! Integrates with NotePager Pro


Hanover, MA - NotePage, Inc., a leader in the wireless messaging software industry, announces software integration with RitLabs. NotePage's NotePager Pro, text messaging software now integrates with RITlab's The Bat!, email client software. Using NotePager Pro in conjunction with The Bat! allows users to receive critical email alerts on their mobile devices that come into their email mailbox.

Using filters within The Bat! users define parameters, that determine which messages should be passed to NotePager Pro. NotePager Pro then quickly sends the contents of the email message to the designated cell phone or pager.

Users no longer have to sit at their computer waiting for urgent emails. They can work remotely while still having the ability to quickly respond to critical issues received via email. Using NotePager Pro and TheBat! users can now receive alerts on a large variety of pagers, SMS phones, and other devices. NotePager Pro software is offered directly by NotePage, Inc., and a free trial version is available for download at and

NotePager Pro - NotePager Pro supports and unlimited number of pagers or cell phones, multiple carrier support, log reports, transmission to single or multiple pagers, preprogrammed messages, group paging, passwords, send messages via the Internet protocols: SNPP, WCTP, SMTP or modem protocols: TAP, UCP, GSM, TONE.

The Bat! - The Bat! has Bayesian filtering in the default installation. You have to educate the plugin what is spam and what is not, and then it will do the job. The Bat!'s latest version includes a sorting office that allows for users to define powerful filters.

About NotePage:
NotePage, Inc. is a Hanover, Massachusetts company specializing in wireless messaging software. NotePage markets the following products: (1) PageGate, an award winning network paging application that offers a range of front-end interfaces, which sends text messages to single or multiple alphanumeric pagers, digital, cellular and PCS phones, paging devices, and billboards. (2) NotePager Net, a full feature network paging application that allows an entire network to send messages through a single centralized paging server. (3) WebGate, an Internet paging program that creates a paging gateway from the Internet to paging devices, allowing e-mail notification, and full text messages to be sent from e-mail and web pages. (4) NotePage 32, a standalone messaging software for consumers. (5) NotePager Pro, sends messages to pagers, cellular phones, and PIMs using an easy to use desktop application. NotePage is the industry leader for wireless messaging software and alphanumeric paging solutions. Additional information on NotePage, Inc.'s software solutions can be found at
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