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Press Release Wireless Gateway Now Uses the Internet. Reach Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Hanover, MA - NotePage, Inc. has introduced PageGate version 4. PageGate is a complete text and SMS messaging solution that incorporates the latest protocols for sending messages via the Internet to pagers, mobile phones and other wireless devices.

By using the Internet as a means of accepting messages, wireless carriers are now able to save significant telecommunication charges. PageGate takes advantage of these new capabilities by supporting all the latest Internet messaging protocols: SNPP, WCTP, and SMTP. PageGate adds these new capabilities to its already powerful product which includes such things as redundant modem support, direct serial connection support, and support for tens of thousands of recipients on a single server.

To ensure delivery even in the event of connectivity loss, PageGate version 4 now adds two new failover options. Messages that cannot be delivered to their intended recipients, can be automatically redirected to a backup recipient or group, or the message can be sent to the same recipient via a different delivery method.

As always PageGate's modular design allows users to select from six powerful interfaces, allowing users to scale the application to meet their business needs economically. Interfaces can be used individually or in conjunction with each other, as PageGate can receive and process messages simultaneously from multiple interfaces.

An innovative new serial interface enables PageGate to extract messages from data received through a serial port. This interface is commonly used for accepting data that would normally be sent to a printer or other hardware device.

The new inbound TAP interface can turn PageGate into a powerful TAP gateway for existing paging software, or existing equipment that supports the industry standard TAP protocol.

PageGate version 4 has a greatly enhanced ASCII text file interface that enables it to 'watch' files for new message data. The Commandline/Ascii interface also allows for PageGate to be easily integrated into existing applications, adding an additional level of notification to monitoring solutions, or mission critical software.

PageGate's Windows Client now allows network users to predefine up to 100 messages, so that urgent messages can be sent with a single click.

The flexible web and email interfaces, turn PageGate into a powerful webpage to pager, and email to pager gateway.

PageGate supports an unlimited number of paging, mobile phone, and SMS carriers, making it ideal for challenging businesses with demanding messaging needs.

PageGate requires Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME or XP on a Pentium class processor, 64 Mb of free RAM and 50 Mb of free hard drive space. PageGate version 4 and its six interfaces are available immediately, and may be purchased securely online at .

PageGate's pricing starts at $150.00 and varies depending on the number of paging or mobile devices supported and the number of interfaces selected. You can download a free evaluation version of PageGate from the same URL. For more information, contact NotePage, Inc. at 291 Rockland Street, Suite 13, Hanover, MA 02339. Phone: (781) 829-0500. Fax: (781) 582-1869. E-mail: Internet:

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Evaluation Copy Available on Request

About NotePage:

NotePage, Inc. is a Hanover, Massachusetts company specializing in wireless messaging software. In addition to PageGate, they market (1) NotePager Net, a full featured network paging application for Windows that allows everyone on a network to send individual, group, pre-programmed, and scheduled pager messages through the network server, (2) NotePager Pro, a standalone paging application that sends text messages from computers to pagers or mobile phones.(3) NotePager 32, an easy-to-use standalone alphanumeric paging dispatch program that allows text messages to be sent to single or multiple paging devices, (4) WebGate, an Internet paging program that creates a paging gateway from the Internet to paging devices, allowing messages to be sent from e-mail and personal web pages.


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