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Press ReleasePageGate w/E-mail & Web Release 11/16/97


Wireless Messaging Software Development and Communication Integration Company Releases New Version of PageGate Paging Software

HANOVER, MA - November 16, 1997 - - NotePage, Inc. announced today that it has released a new version of their PageGate paging engine. NotePage, Inc. is an international privately held wireless messaging and communication integration company. With a strong computer background and aggressive pricing NotePage, Inc. is positioned to offer unique paging products at an affordable price.

PageGate is a networkable paging engine that uses any single or multiple “front-end” interfaces to send text messages to alphanumeric pagers. Interfaces that are currently available are the E-mail interface, Web (CGI) interface and the Commandline/ASCII interface.

The e-mail interface allows for e-mail to be sent to an alphanumeric pager or for notification of newly received e-mail to be sent to numeric pagers. The Web (CGI) Interface allows for alphanumeric pages to be sent via “personal” web pages. PageGate can automatically generate web pages or custom pages can be used. The Commandline/ASCII interface permits for messages to be sent from DOS, within windows or from within many ‘canned’ or custom applications. In addition the Commandline interface can scan a predetermined directory (networked or local) for text files containing messages to be sent to the paging engine. This is an excellent front-end used by itself, of used as a tool for developers and system integrators to allow paging from within applications. For example, network monitoring software could send a page to an administrator if an anomaly is detected within existing systems.

PageGate uses the industry standard TAP paging protocol and the unique modular design allows for an enormous amount of flexibility. Additional information and a limited shareware version of PageGate can be found on NotePage, Inc.’s web page at



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