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Press Release PageGate v7 is Released

NotePage, Inc. releases a new version of their SMS and text messaging server software.

NotePage, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of PageGate version 7. PageGate is a complete wireless messaging and SMS solution that incorporates a wide variety of messaging protocols for sending messages to mobile phones, wireless devices, fax machines, and pagers.

PageGate allows alerts to be sent instantly to wireless devices in any location. PageGate supports both group messaging and preprogrammed alerts, so that the press of a button can send a notification to or schedule a notification for a defined group of individuals. The new version of PageGate is more powerful and efficient than ever.

PageGate version 7 offers a new, intelligent load-balancing module. This feature enables round robin support and failover support, and supports up to four PageGate servers.

The update also features a brand new, powerful message templating system. This upgrade affords administrators total control over the manner in which outgoing messages are formatted. Templates can also be set at multiple levels, minimizing the number of templates needed. When upgrading from a previous version of PageGate, templates are automatically created.

The new version of PageGate also offers priority settings for recipients and carriers. The administrator may not move messages to certain recipients or carriers to the front of the delivery queue.

Additionally, PageGate now supports STMP SSL/TLS and STARTTLS for SMTP connections, making it better able to support secure and encrypted connections for message delivery. PageGate also now features a carrier level default domain for the SMTP protocol, an addition that saves administrators time when setting up new recipients, and even more time when switching recipients to a new carrier. SMTP relay servers may also be set on a by-carrier basis, allowing multiple outgoing maths for different SMTP carriers.

PageGate version 7 also offers improved fax capabilities, including Microsoft fax service support. Messages can now be sent to a Microsoft faxprinter on the local computer, and messages can be sent to another computer running Microsoft fax services.

PageGate now also has improved support for the latest Windows operating systems, a change that affords smoother installs, uninstalls, upgrades, and day-to-day operations. PageGate also now supports the setting of small delays between messages, and therefore better supports old or slow equipment that cannot keep up with PageGate's delivery rate.

The update also features new HTTPGET and HTTPPOST delivery protocols that allow PageGate to push message data to webpages and webforms. Another feature of PageGate version 7 is its dynamically updated DNS servers. This upgrade enables PageGate's DNS settings to change automatically if Internet connections are changed.

Pricing and Availability:
PageGate version 7 and its front-end gateways are available immediately. The cost of the PageGate engine depends upon the number of recipients that messages will be sent to. Prices for PageGate start at $200.00. Each of the front-end interface modules may be purchased separately. PageGate requires Windows XP or better running on a Pentium 500 Mhz or better processor, 128 Mb of available RAM and 50Mb of free hard drive space and an analog modem for dialup connections, serial cable for direct connections, mobile phone or wireless modem that supports the GSM AT command set for wireless connections, or a dedicated (always on) internet connection.

For more information, visit the NotePage web site at You can download a trial version of NotePager Pro from the same URL.

For more information contact, NotePage, Inc. at PO Box 296, Hanover, MA 02339. Phone: 781-829-0500. Fax: 781-829-0419. E-mail: . Internet: . Evaluation Copy Available on Request

About NotePage:
NotePage, Inc. is a Hanover, Massachusetts company specializing in wireless messaging and communications software. In addition to PageGate they market (1) PageGate, a network text messaging gateway, (2) FeedForAll, a windows desktop RSS feed and podcast editing too,l (3) FeedForAll Mac, a Mac desktop RSS feed and podcast creation tool, (4) rss2html.php a script for converting RSS feeds to html web pages, (5) RSS Scripts Directory, a directory of PHP scripts for managing RSS feeds and podcasts, (6) RecordForAll an audio recording software solution for podcasters.
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Evaluation Copy Available on Request .

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