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November 2015 - Newsletter

Hi ,
Welcome to NotePage news. If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

NotePager Pro Version 5 has been released!
NotePager Pro version 5 contains a variety of new features to send text messages, including calendar based message scheduling, advanced cellular modem support and a host of other features which you can read about at

NEW How to Upgrade NotePager Pro from v3-v5 Video Tutorial

NEW NotePager Pro v5 Registration Video Tutorial

Integration Steps for Active911

Did You Know PageGate Can be Used Without Carrier Specific Information?
NotePage, Inc. is pleased to announce our PageGate software can now utilize a new carrier lookup service called Data24-7. Data24-7 is a carrier lookup service, which means you don't have to know the carrier of the cell phone numbers you would like PageGate to send messages to. With this service, PageGate can perform on the fly lookups of your cell phone numbers, matching them against the carrier list provided by Data24-7.

Texting Toward Degrees
Texting and schooling: they do not quite seem to work together. But, schools are showing us more each day, they do. We often tend to think of texting as a plague to education, and maybe it has been, distracting leagues of students studying at home and even students who find their focus wavering in the classroom. But schools are turning the tables, embracing the medium in a number of ways to improve the students' experience at school. Could texting become a boon, not a bane, to education?

Can Text Messaging Help Protect Your Kids from the Flu
The researchers focused on developing educational text messages, and divided participants in their study into three groups: one that received conventional written reminders of appointments for the vaccine, one that received reminders in the form of text messages, and one that received educational texts that detailed the importance of receiving both doses between the ages of six months and eight years. The results speak clearly: of the group that received the educational texts, a large proportion of 72.7% of the children whose families received the texts received their second vaccine.

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