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NotePager Pro v5 - What is New!

NotePager Pro v5

sms messaging and text messaging software

NotePager Pro is a sophisticated desktop wireless messaging application. It is capable of delivering messages to an unlimited number of recipients (mobile phones, PIMs,pagers, etc.) and/or groups. NotePager Pro includes advanced features such as scheduled messages, repeating messages, pre-programmed messages, on-call groups, etc. NotePager Pro supports all of the current text messaging protocols (FAX, GSMAT, SMTP, SNPP, TAP, TONE, UCP, and WCTP). All of NotePager Pro's features are contained within an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface.

Take Advantage of New NotePager Pro v5 Features

NotePager Pro v5 What's New:

Calendar Based Scheduling

When scheduling messages in NotePager Pro, you can now create the schedule based on the calendar.


If you need to guarantee that someone in your recipient list gets their messages first, now you can! This new feature allows you to prioritize the order in which messages are sent.

Greatly Enhanced Cellular Modem Support

As more cellular modems become commercially available and direct transmission of SMS messages via GSM or CDMA becomes possible, newly implemented COM port handling routines and enhanced support for the cellular modem AT command set mean that NotePager Pro is there to keep pace with the modern technical landscape.

Modernization of Existing Protocols

SMTP authentication support for LOGIN,PLAIN, CRAM-MD5, SSL and TLS
Multi-port configuration for SMTP
Secure host support for SNPP and WCTP

International Date and Time Compatibility

NotePager Pro version 5 is compatible with international date and time configurations.

Additional Protocol Support

Added protocol support for faxing and connecting to Microsoft Fax Servers

Find Our More About NotePager Pro or Purchase NotePager Pro or the NotePager Pro Upgrade

Release Notes:
NotePager Pro Detailed Release Notes

More Information on NotePager Pro:
NotePager Pro

Download: Download NotePager Pro

Upgrade Cost Options:
PageGate v3-v5 Upgrade $ 20.00

System Requirements  
  Memory 32 Mb of Free Memory
  Hard Drive 50 Mb of Free Space
  Connectivity Modem, Cellular Modem or an Internet Connection
 Operating System Windows XP (sp3), 2003, Vista, 7, 2008, 8, 8.1, 2012 and newer versions Microsoft Windows operating system


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