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Integration with Active911

Integrating Active911 with PageGate

Follow these steps to use Active911 with PageGate

1) Open the PG Admin.

2) Right click on Carriers, left click on Add.

3) Name the Carrier: Active911

4) Set the following:

Protocol: SNPP
Max Chars: 600

5) Click on Apply.

To add an Active911 Recipient:

1) Open the PG Admin.

2) Right click on Recipients, left click on Add.

3) Give the Recipient a name.

4) Set the Carrier to:


5) In the ID/PIN field, use the long-form email address that Active911 has provided, without the domain information.

For example, if you have, you would only need to enter youractive911idhere in the ID/PIN field.

6) Click on Apply.

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