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Did you know PageGate Can be Used Without Carrier Specific Information?

NotePage, Inc. is pleased to announce our PageGate software can now utilize a new carrier lookup service called Data24-7. Data24-7 is a carrier lookup service, which means you don't have to know the carrier of the cell phone numbers you would like PageGate to send messages to. With this service, PageGate can perform on the fly lookups of your cell phone numbers, matching them against the carrier list provided by Data24-7. With this return value, PageGate can send your messages out using your internet connection to the appropriate recipient carrier - all without requiring you to know who the carrier is. This is beneficial when integrating PageGate software with another program, and particularly useful for emergency management services as it allows them to simply gather a list of numbers to send messages to rather than needing to gather both the cell phone number and the carrier.

Additionally if you are using PageGate with cellular hardware you do not need to know the carrier associated with each number you are sending messages to!

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