Creating an Ad-Hoc Recipient

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Note: You must have a 5000 recipient license to unlock PageGate's ad-hoc features.


Ad-Hoc recipients function as a pass-through for provided input. Put another way, an ad-hoc recipient lets you pass in the phone number or contact information you want the message delivered to rather than having that phone number exist as a static entry in the recipients list. These recipients can be implemented in different ways with each of PageGate's APIs and can also be a key component of creating a two way messaging system.


Ad-Hoc for GetASCII

Ad-Hoc for GetMail

Ad-Hoc for GetWeb

Ad-Hoc for GetSerial

Ad-Hoc for GetTap


Here's how to create an ad-hoc recipient:

1)Right click on Recipients.


2)Select Add.



3)Enter a name in to the Full Name field.

4)Make a note of the name in the Recipient field.

Note: This is incredibly important as this specific name is what the APIs will reference.

5)Set the Type to: Ad-Hoc

6)Set the Max Chars to 160 for SMS or 240 for pages. The maximum value for this field is 6000.



7)Click Apply.