Replies and Two Way Messaging

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Currently, there are two ways to receive reply messages in to PageGate.


SMS Replies

When using cellular hardware to deliver text messages, the people who receive those SMS have the option to reply to them. When they reply, their message is delivered back to the sending cellular device, where it waits in memory. PageGate can be configured to check the cellular hardware for reply messages received by these devices and process them in a number of ways.


In the most basic configuration, all reply messages are sent to a specified recipient or group. However, reply messages can be fed through the GetASCII API for basic processing, which allows you to conditionally modify what is done with the replies in some circumstances. Using a Filter Pack in conjunction with the SMS replies and the GetASCII API allows you to modify any part of the replies being processed, from what the message should say to whom the message should be delivered. It also allows you to implement conditional modifications. For example, if a certain word or keyphrase appears in the body of the message, you could have the filter pack completely change who that message is intended to go to.


Web API Polling

With the HTTPGET and HTTPPOST protocols, you can poll information from a web API to be delivered as messages to your recipients and groups. This requires the GetASCII API and the PageGate Filter Pack.


For example, you could configure a system to poll the National Weather Service for the weather in your local area, then pass the returned information to your recipients and groups as SMS, email, etc.


It's also important to note that replies and two way messaging require PageGate's Filter Pack to function.