Ad-Hoc for GetASCII

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Ad-Hoc recipients can be referenced by the GetASCII API in one of two ways.


Command Line reference

When using the sendpage.exe or sendpage32.exe command line executables to pass messaging parameters to PageGate, this is how to call on an ad-hoc recipient:

<location of files>\sendpage32.exe ah;<value>;<value>;<value>;<value>;<etc> <sender> <message>


For example, if you have the sendpage32.exe hosted in c:\PageGateData\ASCII\ and you sent the following command:

c:\PageGateData\ASCII\sendpage32.exe ah;7819999998;8290500234 CAD This is a test message


That would send a message to the phone numbers specified from the sender 'CAD' and the message would say 'This is a test message'.


File read

You'll need to format the recipient section of the files being output for GetASCII to reference the ad-hoc recipient as follows:



For example, let's say that you're using GetASCII's standard file format and write a test.asc file to the GetASCII polling directory formatted like this:





That would send the body of the message in the file to the referenced ID's from the specified sender.