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Newsletter June 4, 2004 - Newsletter

Hi ,
NotePage has some great new announcements.
If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

NotePage is very please to announce new integration partners. Brief descriptions of the integrations can be read below, details of the integration can be found in the integration section of NotePage's website.

Kiwi Syslog Integration

Kiwi Syslog monitors and easily informs users of system problems. By using NotePager Pro in combination with Kiwi Syslog, alerts can be sent to pagers and cellular phones, adding another level of notification to network management.

NetIQ systems management solutions allows for reduced downtime. The combined analysis, reporting and automation make for a powerful management solution. NetIQ with PageGate, proactively alerts staff to critical incidents allowing them to resolve problems that impact application availability.

Econolite Pyramids

Econolite Pyramids is a PC based advanced traffic control system, that combines many functions, all of which are available to each user on the system. The system is made up of PC-based servers and workstations interconnected via a local area network. The system allows for redundant systems to minimize disruption.

OneRain / DIAD

OneRain provides high-quality data to customers who need accurate rainfall information to make high-value decisions. The vertical involvement in rainfall assessment, from gages through remote sensing and storm analysis, enables OneRain to collect and distribute the best real-time and historical rainfall data available. Used in conjunction with PageGate, alarm conditions can be defined for any data point and for synthetic or derived data points to automatically trigger operations such as local sounds, email, paging and running outside programs.

Persistech Integration
Persistech Infrature Contact Center software dramatically improves service and support by maximizing company resources. It allows people to contact you via phone, e-mail, and web submissions. A triage system, identifies and prioritizes submissions. The tickets are assigned to the appropriate person based on job function and skill. Tickets can be scheduled, suspended or closed due to non-responsive contacts. Triaging enables less experienced personnel to handle customer assistance. The combined power of Contact Center and PageGate allow for responsive action.

ARTICLE - How Reliable are Cell Phones?

Cellular phones and pagers are part of the "now" generation, instant contact, anywhere at any time. People are looking for convenience, comfort and security. The question is how instantaneous and reliable is the contact?

Almost Daily NotePage Blog

NotePage's blog contains information posted daily relating to telecom industry news, updates, or generally how mobile or paging software can be used in specific situations to alleviate problems. The blog can be seen at:

Forums - Expanded Support Options

Forums - The NotePage support forums have been extremely well received. If you have any functionality or support questions, feel free to search the forums for answers. Please feel free to answer and ask any questions relating to NotePage's software on the online forums at

Beta Testing PageGate

We will be announcing beta testing for a new version of PageGate in the very near future. Please contact us if you have feature requests and an interest in being involved in PageGate v5 beta testing! Send an email to

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In NotePage's ongoing effort to support customers we sponsor the following site:

Small Business Software - - resource for all types of small businesses.

Thank you

We'd like to thank you for your continued support. It is through customer support and your suggestions that we've been able to continually improve the NotePage product line.

Thank you for your continued support!
NotePage sales team
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