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DIADvisor Integration

Solution Overview: OneRain provides high-quality data to customers who need accurate rainfall information to make high-value decisions. The vertical involvement in rainfall assessment, from gages through remote sensing and storm analysis, enables OneRain to collect and distribute the best real-time and historical rainfall data available.

Serving as a committed partner to both private and public sector clients, OneRain helps optomize water management, heighten regulartory compliance, achieve successful civil works and save lives.

Diadvisor, collects, validates, stores, displays and disseminates environmental data in real time from a variety of sources including ALERT systems, telephone- and radio- interrogated gages and satellite transmissions. Real-time weather information and rainfall storm movement is displayed in DIADvisor on the user-defined maps, and the underlying data can be viewed in a variety of tabular and graphical formats.

Benefits: Used in conjunction with PageGate, alarm conditions can be defined for any data point and for synthetic or drieved data points to automatically trigger operations such as local sounds, email, paging and running outside programs.

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