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July 2007 - Newsletter

Hi ,
Welcome to NotePage news. If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

PageGate v5 Released
The long anticipated release of PageGate v5 has arrived. The new version of PageGate is now available. Existing customers can upgrade to the latest version for only $ 100.00!

Details on the new version can be found here:
Upgrade Details -

Practical Use - College and University Notifications
Universities and colleges can use PageGate to notify students and staff on mobile phones and pagers in the event an urgent situation arises. We will be detailing some practical uses, and if you would like to be profiled please let us know!

New Priority Support Option
Realizing that many customers use PageGate for critical response, we have started offering a priority support option. Priority support is available to existing customers for only $ 395.00 per year. Both pre-sales and post-sales support will continue to be provided free of charge to existing and potential customers.

The priority support options is recommended and encouraged for clients interested in upgrading the level of support that they receive.
Additional Details

New NotePage Knowledgebase
Check out the new NotePage knowledgebase. The knowledgebase contains answers to a variety of commonly asked questions.

NotePager Pro and PageGate Support Tips
Remember to do backups! Backing up NotePager Pro and PageGate's data is incredibly important and needs to be done weekly, at the very least. Backing up is easy and simple, in fact, all you have to do is save one file.

In the NotePager Pro directory, you'll see a file called npp.mdb - that's the only file that needs to be backed up. For PageGate, if you'll look in the PageGate directory, you'll see a file called pagegate.mdb - that also is the only file that needs to be backed up. Backing up your data can avert disastrous situations, like having to manually input all of your carriers, recipients, and special program settings should the program need to be reloaded due to a hardware or software crash.

Note: DON'T have either program running when you do a backup of the database. The programs must not be running in order to insure a proper backup.

If you need Carrier information, like which protocol to use or what settings go with what protocols, be sure to visit our website for an up-to-date list available. Feel free to visit and visit the SNPP, WCTP, SMTP, and TAP sections. If you know of carrier information we don't have, be sure to email us we are always happy to accept new information!

Just email it to Having trouble sending pages out? Do the messages leave your system but never reach the cell phone or pager? Please email our support staff at

Interested in Other Communication Mediums?
NotePage has another new product line, FeedForAll. FeedForAll, is used for creating, publishing and manipulating RSS feeds and podcasts. Interested in learning more? There is a great educational article section at:

If you are installing PageGate v5 on Vista we have set up a special set of instructions to assist you.

Likewise, if you are using a system with IIS 7 use the following instructions to assist you

Other New Applications from NotePage include:
FeedForAll - Software for creating and editing RSS and podcast feeds. An evaluation version is available for download from

RecordForAll - Audio recording and editing software. Primarily designed for podcasters. An evaluation version is available for download from:

SQL2RSS - A new PHP script. SQL2RSS has been released to allow users to dynamically create RSS feeds from database queries! More info at:

Thank you
We'd like to thank you for your continued support. It is through customer support and your suggestions that we've been able to continually improve the NotePage product line.

Thank you for your continued support!
NotePage sales team
Leaders in Wireless Messaging Software


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