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NotePage SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

PageGate v5

sms server, messaging and fax gateway for networks

PageGate is a messaging server that provides flexible communications options to businesses that rely on communications as an integral part of their businesses. PageGate is a multi-purpose messaging server that can send receive text messages through a variety of inputs and send the messages to wireless devices a variety of ways. Redundancy is built into the messaging server, so that if a delivery method fails a backup method can be selected.

Major New Server Features:
- Microsoft Vista Support
- Enhanced Security Options
- Database Syncrhonization Between Servers
- Improved Logging and Audit Logging
- Improved Reporting
- Failure / Success Notifications
- Message Archiving with 'Archive Manager'

Major New Server Features:
- SNPP Server Add-on (for incoming messages)
- Touch Tone Receiver Add-on (for incoming messages)
- Fax Delivery Capability
- Raw Serial and Raw TCP Delivery Protocols
- Message Templates
- PIN Number Limits
- PageGate / Windows Login Tracking

GUI Client Feature Additions:
- Pre-programmable buttons can be programmed to all select recipients and groups
- Clients can be locked into predefined set of recipients and groups.
- Failure Warning can be set to popup
- Send confirmation option added
- Requeue messages from history
- Advanced security and message tracking
- Improved Reporting

PG Monitor Additions:

- Can be integrated with a stand-alone copy of NotePager Pro to send wireless alerts of the PageGate Server's health
- Decreased network overhead

New Delivery Methods:

Raw Serial Delivers messages out the serial port
Raw TCP Makes a TCP/IP connection to another computer and transmits the message text.
Fax Messages can be sent as a fax.

Release Notes:
PageGate v5 Detailed Release Notes

More Information on PageGate:
PageGate Network Messaging Gateway

Upgrade Instructions:
PageGate v4 to v5 Upgrade Instructions

Download: Download PageGate v5

Upgrade Details:
PageGate Upgrade Instructions
PageGate Vista Upgrade Instructions
IIS7 Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade Cost Options:
PageGate v4-v5 Upgrade $ 100.00
Touchtone Receiver $ 100.00
SNPP Add-On $ 200.00
Priority Support Option $ 395.00 ($295.00 with version upgrade)

More Information on PageGate
Download PageGate
Buy PageGate

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System Requirements  
  Processor   Pentium 500 mhz or better
  Memory  128 Mb of RAM
(typically 256 Mb total memory for Win 2000, XP, 2003, or 1 Gig for Vista)
  Hard Drive   50 Mb Hard Drive Free (for application & database)
  Connectivity 300 baud or faster modem for dialup connections
serial cable for direct connections or a
dedicated Internet connection
 Operating System   Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32 bit)


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