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June 2017 - Newsletter

Hi ,
Welcome to NotePage news. If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

NotePage News Newsletter 
If you have not yet upgraded yet be sure to checkout the new release of PageGate. The current version is 8 and there are a number of enhancements. 

PageGate What is New - See the highlights of what is new with PageGate version 8

Filter Pack
PageGate has a new optional Filter Pack available! The Filter Pack is incredibly powerful and significantly enhances and expands what PageGate can do.  The PageGate Filter Pack is used in conjunction with the Command Line ASCII Interface, enabling PageGate to pass all messages through a customizable filter. This gives PageGate the power to completely reformat the contents of, or extract data from the original message text.  Extracting message data from textual data formats like HTML, XML, JSON, etc. is possible using the Filter Pack. 

With PageGate's new filter pack, you can even poll information from any web resource that provides XML content or a web API that can provide polled information. For example, PageGate can be configured to poll the National Weather Service for weather in your area, the weather can then automatically be sent out as a text message to recipients or groups.

NotePage Android SMS Gateway
NotePage Android App Want to send messages but do not know the carrier of the phones you are sending to? Consider attaching a cell phone to the computer.  Wireless modems, in general, are an excellent option for message delivery. They simplify setup, reduce the administration requirements, improve the reliability of PageGate and NotePager Pro. Now any Android phone can be used as a wireless modem with PageGate and NotePager Pro by running the NotePage Android SMS Gateway App.

The NotePage Android can be purchased for only $20.00 through the Google Play Store.

Website Updates
Tell us what you think! We have made some significant improvements on the NotePage website. We would love to hear your thoughts about the changes! Mobile version

White Paper 
City of Everett 

Learn how the City of Everett has deployed PageGate. The city of Everett, MA has deployed the PageGate GUI Client to workstations within their dispatch center for manual messaging of personnel and has configured PageGate to read data from a CAD system to automate certain types of messages.

Check Out How to Integrate PageGate 
We step you through some of the more common integrations, NO coding changes are needed to use PageGate with any of the applications listed.

Educational Articles Why Campus Security Needs Texting
With instances of gun violence and other emergency situations on college campuses making the news all too often, security systems at colleges and universities remain of the utmost importance. Campus security not only needs to be strong, but current to ensure the safety of students. Following the model of many of our world's functions today, many colleges and universities are looking to text messaging to keep campus safety as modern and powerful as possible.

How Financial Companies are Using Texting
Countless industries are using text messaging to fortify their customer service, marketing, and other aspects of their brands in the 21st century. Financial companies are no exception, reaping great gain from the powerful, economical, and environmentally-friendly advent of text messaging.

Text Messaging Improves Birth Control Compliance
Study after study points to the power of text messaging to connect health care providers to their patients, improving patient compliance with medications and appointments and giving medical professionals better data. A 2015 Johns Hopkins University study on birth control compliance in young women is no exception, demonstrating the potential texting holds to impact the often underserved area of women's health.

New Integration Profiles
IamResponding is a web-based system which saves critical time for fire departments, EMS agencies, rescue and other technical rescue teams (Hazmat, Dive, Rope Rescue, etc.), and any other incident response teams when responding to emergencies.  PageGate has for years integrated with all of the most popular Computer Aided Dispatch systems (CAD). PageGate can now pass the messages from the emergency organization's CAD system, to IamResponding; using both systems together departments can take advantage of the latest technology to optimize their response.

TigerText is a multi-platform, secure, real-time messaging solution that allows text messages to be deleted from both the sender's and the receiver's phones after the sending and reception.  PageGate can use the TigerText message delivery gateway to send regulatory compliant messages and, as such, there are many different functions that the combined solution can provide.

Critical Alert Systems
Critical Alert Systems (CAS) offers an advanced, reliable and secure Nurse Call system.  PageGate can be used as the bridge between Critical Alert Systems and hospital staff to send messages and alerts when certain events occur.

Need to integrate with the messaging aggregator clickatell? Follow these simple steps:

Did You Know?
Did you know that PageGate can forward a copy of every messages sent to a recipient or group to an email address?
With PageGate's GetMail module, you can add a forwarding address to any recipient or group in the program.

On 1/1/2017, AT&T terminated 2G service. If you have a 2G cellular device such as a cellular modem, those devices will no longer function and you must upgrade to a 3G or 4G device. 

As far as replacements go, while there are many different makes and models of cellular modem available, our clients have had the best experience with cellular modem hardware made by a company called Multitech ( and good examples of their hardware are the MTC-H5 ( and the rCell 100 (

Green Tip
Hold Meetings Remotely -  When you meet with colleagues, or vendors, try to hold as many meetings as possible over the Internet. Utilize tools like Skype and other free videoconferencing technologies.

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Thank you
We'd like to thank you for your continued support. It is through customer support and your suggestions that we've been able to continually improve the NotePage product line.

NotePage sales team
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