Adding a Carrier

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Adding a Carrier

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The process for adding a carrier is fairly simple, though some of the options you have when adding a carrier can be quite complex. To bring up the menu to add a carrier, simply Right Click on the word Carriers in the PageGate Admin, then left click add or hit

Ctrl+N on your keyboard and select the New Carrier option.


protocol list


Once a carrier has been added to the PageGate Admin, you will see it appear beneath the Carriers section of the Admin.




Each carrier has two sub-sections: Settings and Advanced.


If you need to set up a carrier that requires a password, you must first create a carrier. After the carrier has been added, Edit the Advanced Settings of the Carrier.


Due to the fact that each protocol has a different group of required settings, please see the following sections:


Creating a FAX Carrier


Creating a File Carrier


Creating a GSM-AT Carrier


Creating a RawSerial Carrier


Creating a RawTCP Carrier


Creating an SMTP Carrier


Creating an SNPP Carrier


Creating a TAP Carrier


Creating a TONE Carrier


Creating a UCP Carrier


Creating a WCTP Carrier