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A protocol is a method of delivery for SMS text messages. Not every carrier supports every protocol, we try to keep an up to date list of which protocols a carrier supports at NotePage’s website (


PageGate supports eight different protocols for delivering text messages to paging and cell phone carriers: FAX, GSM-AT, RawSerial, RawTCP, SMTP, SNPP, TAP, TONE, UCP, and WCTP


FAX is used when PageGate needs to send a text message to a fax machine.


File is used to write messages to a directory.


GSM-AT is used when PageGate is connected directly to a wireless modem or mobile phone.


RawSerial is used to transmit "Raw" text data to a serial port or modem.


RawTCP is used to transmit "Raw" text data to an internet based host.


SMTP is used to send text messages to carriers over the internet using the email protocol.


SNPP and WCTP are paging protocols designed to use the internet for delivery.


TAP and UCP are used to send text messages to a carrier by connecting to a carrier's modem terminals. Note: Some carriers don't support TAP with their numeric only pagers.


TONE is used to send numeric messages to a carrier by sending touch tones.