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Technical Support

RedAlert Support

The Alpine Software technical support team provides the following:

- Toll Free Support - Monday thru Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm.
- 24 hour Pager Service for selected customers.
- Constant system upgrades.
- Remote Dial In for peer to peer feature demonstration.
- "User's Only" Web Site dedicated to RedAlert Users.
- Updated Documentation routinely posted to the Internet.
- Frequently Asked Questions Web Site
- Electronic Email New Features Distribution.

Based on the modules you have, notification of any new features can be automatically emailed to you. User can then download the update on their own if the new feature would be beneficial to them.

Alpine constantly makes updates to its core system based on requests from its user base. If a customer makes a request for a certain feature which will be beneficial to the entire user base, then Alpine will make the change and make it available to all users.

Furthermore, through the nternet automatica updater, users can download these updates at their own leisure. Alpine is committed to customer support. In cases where a problem remains unresolved we dial directly into the user's machine (via PCAnywhere or LapLink) and resolve any questions or problems.

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