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SMS Messaging Software Background

How to Integrate How to Integrate?

NotePage's software can easily be integrated into existing complimentary software and hardware product lines.

Integration Options

PageGate has been designed to integrate as easily as possible with existing software and hardware. Rarely are any coding changes required or necessary. The most common integration involves a Command Line / ASCII interface.

PageGate allows for the scanning of a predetermined file for text messages or for command line messaging from existing software applications. Here are some ways to use PageGate's modules to integrate with other applications:

Command Line / ASCII Interface API
This is the interface most frequently used for Integration. This interface allows for the scanning of a predetermined file for text messages or for command line text messaging (text messaging from within existing applications).
Email Interface
EMail (SMTP) Interface API
More and more modern applications are building in the ability to send email. If your application supports email, it can easily be integrated with PageGate by using PageGate's email interface. The GetMail interface can be used to enable PageGate to be integrated with applications running on different platforms (Unix, Mac, etc.). Please refer to the GetMail section of this manual for more details.
Web Interface
Web Interface API
Webpage developers can use the GetWeb interface to send messages to PageGate from their webpages (HTML, JavaScript, Java, etc.). A small CGI program (webgate.exe) is used to accomplish this. The webgate CGI can be used with either a POST or GET method. The POST method can be used by creating a form on your webpage and pointing to the webgate.exe program in the FORM ACTION statement. The GET method is more popular with scripting languages such as JavaScript and Java. It allows the webgate CGI to be called with a command similar to one that could be entered into a browser's URL field. The GetWeb interface can be used to enable WebGate to be integrated with applications running on different platforms (Unix, Mac, etc.). Please refer to the GetWeb section of this manual for more details.
Direct Database Access
Direct database access with developers in mind, PageGate's database is stored in a Microsoft Access 2000 compatible database format. This database format is very popular and can be accessed from many programming languages, MS Access, MS Word, and MS Excel. Developers can easily insert new messages directly into PageGate's message table. PageGate will queue the messages and deliver them as if they were accepted from any of its regular interfaces. Message delivery status and other information can be read real-time from the PageGate database too. For more details about using PageGate's database directly, please contact NotePage's tech support department.
Serial Interface API
This interface allows for the scanning of a serial port for messages. The GetSerial interface enables PageGate to monitor a serial connection for data. This interface is often used to accept text that would normally be sent to a printer, and extract out message information from that data.
SNPP Server Module
SNPP Server Module
Messages can be accepted over the Internet using the standard SNPP messaging protocol, which then can be resent using any of the various protocols.
(requires commandline/ASCII interface)
TAP Interface
TAP Interface
The TAP-in interface is used to accept incoming messages via the TAP protocol. The GetTap interface accepts these messages over a serial connection that is usually connected to a modem. The TAP protocol is the most widely used text messaging protocol for serial and dialup connections. The GetTap interface enables PageGate to accept in text messages from many sources, and then re-dispatch the messages back out (possibly to different recipients or groups).
Touchtone Receiver Interface (DTMF) - Touchtone API
A voicemodem can be used to accept messages sent from a touch-tone phone, and convert them to textual messages.

Example: sending the touchtones '1#3' might mean send canned message 1 to group 3.
(requires commandline/ASCII interface)

*See Also Integration Methods for Public Safety & Emergency Management

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an integration partner.

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