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January 2019 - Newsletter

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Welcome to NotePage news. If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

The Power of PageGate's Filter Pack
With the release of PageGate's filter pack, it's possible to format messages completely differently for recipients and groups that need it. Often times, when you use a third party message aggregator like Active911, I Am Responding, Infobip, Clickatel, The Fire Horn and similar, those services need messages formatted in a very specific and static way. Due to their message parsing requirements, most will need the same number of fields in the same exact position for every message sent.

When integrating PageGate with a CAD system, it's easy to pass that static information to your message aggregator but the message can look a bit messy if you want to send it to a regular cell phone, pager or email address. With PageGate's new filter pack, you can now have the messages retain their original format for your message aggregator and be formatted completely differently for your normal recipients. 

For example, let's say you're using a CAD system that uses a format like this:
Line1= Dispatched Unit
Line2= Call Type
Line3= Address
Line4= Cross Street

You would definitely want to retain that formatting for Active911, IAR, etc, as that format is incredibly easy for their parser to handle. However, when sending to your normal recipients, you could reformat the message without the extra characters:
Dispatched Unit
Call Type
Cross Street

Did you Know that PageGate Can Post Updates to a Website?
Did you know that PageGate can post updates to a website via CGI commands?
The current version of PageGate can use the GET and POST methods of passing CGI variables to a web server, allowing you to pass updates to a website as part of your outbound messaging.

Many, Many New Integration Steps Available from Partners!

Send Text and SMS Messages from ServiceNow

ServiceNow has the ability to issue a GET/POST web method when an SMS alert needs to be triggered; whether that's ticket creation, ticket escalation, password reset request, roster or schedule change or anything else your people need to know!

Capers CAD Software
Steps to Use Capers CAD Software with PageGate
PageGate can be easily integrated with Capers Software by using the GetAscii interface to monitor output from the Capers system in real time.

The first step is to create a directory for Capers to output alerts.

Nagios Network Monitoring
Steps to Send Text and SMS Messages from Nagios

PageGate can be easily integrated with Nagios by having Nagios submit alerts and notifications to PageGate's GetWeb interface.

We have significantly expanded the integration section. With step by step instructions on how PageGate can be used with a variety of new applications.
List of Integration Steps -

Verizon LTE - Unable to Receive SMS Messages
If you are unable to receive SMS messages on Verizon LTE device after insertion of a new Verizon SIM this resolution may apply to your issue.

Overview of Possible Issue
Starting in the end of Q1 of 2017 we determined some Verizon SIMs were received by Verizon customers which did not allow SMS messages to be stored to SIM memory. This causes a problem with the receiving of SMS for the following reasons:
- Most cellular modems by default are configured to store received SMS messages to the SIM.
- Most SMS applications written for cellular modules by default are configured to store received SMS messages to the SIM.
- When SIM has no storage area available the module will receive the message and have nowhere to store it.
- Since module could not store message it can't indicate to application a message was stored.
- Application never sees the unsolicited indications of message being received and commands AT+CMGR or AT+CMGL will not result in reading or listing of SMS as the messages could not be stored.

Cell Phone Use in Natural Disasters and How to Conserve Batterly Life
Cell phones are now very common in the Western world and have become increasingly more important in a crisis. There are a number of different ways that cell phones can be extremely helpful in an emergency situation, as a result it is important that the cell phone be operational and have power in the event it is needed.

Text Messaging Etiquette for the Modern Day
Texting is ubiquitous with keeping in touch and while texting may in many ways make communication easier, there are a number of potential challenges inherent to the platform.

We have put together a list of basic tips that will assist texters in avoiding some of the more common text etiquette faux pas.

Many New White Papers and Case Studies
PageGate is a very flexible program and can used a variety of ways. Perhaps you can extend your PageGate use! Have a look at the various ways different companies are using PageGate to save time and money in their business, from automated alerts in network monitoring to appointment reminders PageGate is incredibly flexible.
White Papers/Case Studies -

Green Tip
At the end of every day turn off all computers to conserve energy further. Nix screen savers, rather than saving energy screen savers often use more energy as they often prevent a computer from going into "sleep" mode.

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