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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Integration with Capers

Steps to Use Capers CAD Software with PageGate

Steps to Send Text and SMS Messages to Capers
CAD Software

PageGate can be easily integrated with Capers Software by using the GetAscii interface to monitor output from the Capers system in real time.

The first step is to create a directory for Capers to output alerts. This folder can be any location the PageGate server has file access to, whether that's local drive or UNC access to a network path. 

We recommend reading content locally when possible and would recommend the folder be on a drive local to the PageGate server. However, you can configure GetAscii to read from a network path and we would absolutely recommend using UNC paths instead of mapped drives. Mapped drives are logon dependent and do not exist if the user logs out of the desktop, making the service reliant on user logon; the very thing you want to avoid when running as a service. UNC paths are universally accessible and not logon dependent. When using a UNC path, you will need to provide a service account with appropriate network privileges to the PageGate GetAscii Windows service 

We recommend creating c:\PageGateData\Capers\. 

Once you have the directory created and accessible from both the PageGate and Capers systems, here's what you'll need to do:

1) Open PG Admin.

2) Go to Interfaces - GetAscii - Settings.

3) Set the 'Polling Directory' to the directory you've just created and shared. By default, c:\PageGateData\Capers\

4) Check Enabled.

5) Click Apply.

6) When prompted, you do want this enabled for all recipients and groups.

7) Go to Program - Settings.

8) In 'Run on this Server', check GetAscii if it isn't already checked.

9) Click Apply
9a) When prompted for credentials, leave them blank and click Apply again.

Now that we have PageGate ready to accept alerts and notifications from Capers, it's important to note a few things.

The recipient and group names in PageGate will need to match the CAD system's naming convention. For example, if the CAD system is going to reference 'e02' as a recipient or group to message, you must have a corresponding recipient or group named 'e02'. The 'Full Name' field in the recipient settings and the 'Display Name' in the group settings are not referenced by the CAD system and are for display purposes only. 

The 'Recipient' and 'Group' fields are what the CAD system will be referencing.

For example, let's say the CAD system is going to output a message to fs13 and that message should go to a particular group of people. You would want to create a group named fs13, then populate it with the appropriate members from your recipient list.

If fs13 should only go to a single person or single address, you would create that as a recipient instead.

For information on how to create recipients and groups, have a look at our documentation and video tutorial series here:

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