Processing replies with GetASCII

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This is an example of how reply messages can be processed with the GetASCII API.


1) In Windows, create a new directory for PageGate's message processing to reference. This can be any folder accessible to PageGate, whether on the local hard drive or by UNC path to a network resource. However, if PageGate will need to reference a network resource, the services relevant to these processes will need permission to access it. For more information, see the services section of the documentation. We recommend creating a directory called Replies as a sub-directory of PageGate's database directory (By default, c:\PageGateData\Replies\).


2)Create a File protocol carrier and set its file path to the folder you created in step 1. Leave the extension at .txt and set Max Chars to 6000.

3)Create a recipient and tie it to the File protocol carrier. Set its Full Name field to Replies and set its Recipient field to replies.

4)Go in to the Template sub-section of your new recipient.

5)Copy and paste the following in the Text section:




This message was received by the Cellular SMS Modem.It was generated either from a customer cellular phone or from the cellular network and may be a reply.


FROM: %Sender%

ON: %Date% AT: %Time%

Message: %Message%


6)Create a new group. Set its Description field to SMS Replies Group and its Group field to sms_replies_group

7)Populate the group with members that should receive reply messages.

8)Go to Connectors - Connector X - 2-Way.

9)Check "Enabled GSM-AT replies"

10) Set the Reply Recipient to: replies

11) Create a new folder on the local hard drive for the GetASCII module's basic polling directory. We recommend creating: C:\PageGateData\ASCII\

Note: If you have already configured a basic polling directory, you do not need to do steps 9, 10 or 11.

12) Go to Interfaces - GetASCII - Settings

13) Set the Polling Directory to: c:\PageGateData\ASCII\

14) If unchecked, check Enabled, then click on Apply.

15) Go to Interfaces - GetASCII - Settings - Advanced Polling - Files

16) Add a new entry with the following settings:


Recipient: *


File(s): *.txt

Path: Specify the folder you created in step 1, recommended c:\PageGateData\Replies\

File Type: Standard


17) Click Apply.


By configuring this example of a 2-way system, all replies will be read in and delivered to the replies recipient, which will output a file formatted to the template's specifications. The GetASCII API will then read in the re-formatted reply and send it to the recipients that are members of the group named sms_replies_group.