Creating a Group

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This field is determines the name displayed in the GUI Client and messaging websites published by the GetWeb API.


This field determines the name assigned to this recipient as a database value. This name is also specifically what the APIs will reference.

Enabled Services

This section displays which of PageGate's APIs are enabled for this recipient.


Services that are grayed out have not been configured and are not enabled. Services not checked are not enabled for this recipient. For example, if the GetASCII module isn't enabled for this recipient, the GetASCII module will not be able to message this recipient. If the GUI Client module isn't enabled for this recipient, this recipient will not display in the GUI Client's list of available recipients to message.


If an Interface is not available and it should be, please make sure that the Interface is enabled both in the Program Settings and in the Interface Settings.

On-Call Group

Enabling this options allows you to configure an on-call schedule for members of this group. This option should be enabled if the members of this group should only be paged during certain times and/or on certain days of the week. Please refer to the On-Call Settings for more information.

On-Call Schedule

When On-Call group is checked, this button allows you to configure the on-call schedule. Please refer to the On-Call Settings for more information.


Apply saves all recently made changes to a Group's settings.