Run Styles

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PageGate can be configured to run in two different styles: Windows Service and Application.


Windows Service

This option will run PageGate as a Windows system service. Like other services, PageGate will start even if no user is logged in to the Desktop. We strongly recommend using this run style.

Here's how to switch PageGate's run style to a Windows Service:

1) Right click on the shortcut for the PageGate Admin and select "Run as Administrator".

2) Go to the Program - Settings section of the Admin.

3) Under 'Run PageGate As', select: Windows Service

4) Click Apply.

5) You should then be prompted for credentials. *See notes below.

6) When "Switching Run Styles" goes away, open the Windows Service list.

7) Find and start the PageGate service.


*Windows Credentials and PageGate

This is where things might get a little complicated because this part has more to do with how your network and/or domain are configured than anything native to PageGate; you're interacting with the Windows System Services. Having said that, you can typically use the Windows System Account to run PageGate's services. To do so, when you're prompted for credentials in step 5, leave the username and password fields blank and click on Apply again.


However, the Windows System Account typically has no network privileges and cannot access cross-network information. So, if you have any component of the PageGate server referencing a network resource, whether that's the file path for the GetASCII API or a file path being output to by a File carrier, the Windows Service that PageGate is set to use must have sufficient rights to access those resources (in addition to the 'run as service' right).


In our experience, the easiest thing to do when you want to run PageGate as a service but need to have an interface or connector reference a network path is to have the system services created with the Windows System Account. Then, after the services exist, go in to the properties of the service that corresponds to the API or Connector and assign the service account under the Log On tab of the service.


If leaving the username and password fields blank returns an "Invalid account or password" error, that means that the Windows System Account has been disabled and you must provide an appropriate username and password that has the "Create service" and "Log on as service" policies.



This style will run on any version of Windows. PageGate is started and stopped just like any other program and can be automatically run at startup by putting a shortcut to it in the Windows "Startup" group. The disadvantage to this run style, is that if the computer is configured to show a login screen at startup, PageGate cannot automatically start until someone logs onto the computer.