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SNPP Server Interface - SNPP APIPageGate

SNPP Server Interface - SNPP API


sms server and messaging gateway for networks

The SNPP Server Interface is one of several ways that PageGate can accept incoming messages:

SNPP Server Interface - SNPP API

SNPP Server Interface - SNPP API
The SNPP Server Interface allows PageGate to function as an SNPP server to receive messages sent using the SNPP protocol from a variety of sources.

Messages can be accepted over the Internet using the standard SNPP messaging protocol, which then can be resent using any of the various protocols.

Satellite offices can use NotePager Pro to submit messages using the SNPP protocol for processing with a centralized master server.

*Please keep in mind the SNPP Server Interface requires the use of Command Line / ASCII Interface to function properly.


PageGate SNPP API Benefits

PageGate GUI

Satellite Support

an easy efficient way to accept messages in from remote locations

PageGate GUI


a single message can be redistributed to a variety of providers and carriers

PageGate GUI

Internet Support

pass messages through the Internet in a fast efficient method

PageGate GUI


easily track all messages sent with robust logging and reporting.

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System Requirements  
  Processor 1 Ghz x86 32-bit or 64-bit processor
  Memory 1 Gb of available memory
  Hard Drive 100 Mb of free disk space (for application and database)
  Connectivity /Communications Analog modem for dialup connections, serial cable for direct connections, mobile phone or wireless modem that supports the GSM AT command set for wireless connections, or a dedicated (always on) internet connection.
 Operating System PageGate can run on Windows XP and newer (up to Server 2019)

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