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NotePage SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Text Messaging Software for Security Companies Test Messaging Software or Security Companies

Security Companies

Text messaging is used a variety of ways in the security industry. Some of the industry specific uses for PageGate include:

media software solutions Security Alerts
media software solutions Emergency Notifications
media software solutions Alarm Notification Automation
media software solutions Dispatch Notifications
media software solutions Communicate Critical Information Related to a Scene
media software solutions On-call and Re-call Notifications
media software solutions Allows for Better Decision Making
media software solutions Reminders of Payment Due Date
media software solutions Notification of Received Payments
media software solutions Notification of Discounts, Deals and Promotions
media software solutions Routine Employee Communications

PageGate for Security Companies

SMS Gateway

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PageGate Information

PageGate is a modular text messaging gateway. Text messaging can be used a number of different ways by security companies. PageGate can be easily integrated into existing applications or alarm systems so that if an alarm is tripped a security individual is dispatched. PageGate is flexiblie, modular and scaleable so that it can be scaled to meet the size of any department.. SMS messages can be sent from workstations on a network, via web pages or from within existing software.

PageGate is agnostic, and can send text messages to anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Security companies need to have plans in place to respond to critical situations, and the needs of their customers. PageGate assists in mobilizing security personnel and communicating in the event of a security incident. A timely response can often mean the difference between life and death.

The benefits of PageGate include:

media software solutions Seamless Integration with Almost Any Existing Software
media software solutions Seamless Integration with Almost Any Alarm System
media software solutions Emergency Notification for Security Professionals
media software solutions Detailed Real-time Monitoring and Logging
media software solutions Accountability with an Audit Trail
media software solutions Increase the Speed of Incident Resolution
media software solutions Built-in Redundancy and Failover Capabilities
media software solutions Immediate Critical Notifications
media software solutions Modular and Scaleable for All Size Security Companies
media software solutions Message Prioritization
media software solutions Support for Groups
media software solutions Support for On-Call Groups
media software solutions Support for Message Scheduling and Holding
media software solutions Support for a Variety of Communication Protocols
media software solutions Send to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

NotePager Pro for Security Companies

Text Messaging Software

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NotePager Pro Information

NotePager Pro is a standalone desktop software application for sending text messages to cell phones and wireless devices. NotePager Pro can be used to send text messages to multiple firefighters, police officers, or EMS professionals about an urgent situation or to communicate staffing needs.

NotePager Pro is agnostic and can send text messages to anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time.


Security companies have a need for wireless communication. NotePager Pro is an easy to use desktop application that allows for easily managing department communications.

The benefits of NotePager Pro include:

media software solutions Easy to Use
media software solutions Support for Group Messaging
media software solutions Support for Pre-Programmed Messages
media software solutions Support for Repeating Messages
media software solutions Calendar Based Message Scheduling
media software solutions Message Prioritization
media software solutions Send to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

NotePage, Inc. Customers
Sampling of NotePage customers using software in the security industry:

Action Security
ADT Security
Airbus Defense and Space
Alarm 112 Danmark
Alarm Detection Systems
Alarm Monitoring of Cincinnati
Alarm Security, Inc.
Armtrol Security
Aviation Security Service
Babylon Central Fire Alarm
Basix Automation Integrators (white paper)
Benton Lock Company
Brinks Security (white paper)
Capital Safe and Lock Service Ltd
CEN-SOR Security
Centex-A-Lock, Inc.
Centurion Protection
Certified Security Systems
China Fortune Securities LTD
Chubb Security Americas
Coastal Securities
Comsat Security
DBA Kellens Locksmith
Dept of Economic Security
Dubuque Law Enforcement Consortium
Dynamark Security Center
Enterprise Security
Falcon Security
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fire Security Electronics & Com
Fire Security Electronics & Com
First Empire Security
Gillmore Security
Hangzhou Public Security Bureau
Homeland Security
INS Integrated Security Solutions
INS Security Corp
Intercon Security
Jade Alarm (white paper)
Kansas Security, LLC
Koorsen Fire & Security
Louisville Patrol and Detection Security
Lockout Specialist

Ministere De La Securite Publique
MIT Lincoln Labs (white paper)
Mutual Aid Box Alarm System
My Pill Alarm, LLC
National Security & Telephone
Orangeburg Security Systems
Parasol Security Solutions
PB Alarm
Peterson Security Specialists
PopALock (white paper)
Predator Security
Prestige Security Service, Inc.
Renaissance Center Security
Rixon Custom Equipment (white paper)
Safe and Sound Security Systems, Inc.
Safeguard Security & Communications
Secure Home Health Management
Security Alarm Data Corp
Security By You LLC
Security Response Team NZ
Sightguard Intruder Alarms, Ltd
South County Fire Alarm
Southern Alarm and Comm., Inc.
The Protection Company
Tower Security Systems
Trinity Security Services
Tyco Fire & Security
Vector Security


Security Industry and Text Messagign - Educational Articles

media software solutions

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With instances of gun violence and other emergency situations on college campuses making the news all too often, security systems at colleges and universities remain of the utmost importance. Campus security not only needs to be strong, but current to ensure the safety of students.

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How is Texting Impacting Human Trafficking?

We've seen text messaging used in a host of inventive ways to make our lives a little easier, but the way the Polaris Project has enlisted SMS for a bigger task: helping victims of human trafficking find safety and get back on their feet.

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How Texting Is Helping Victims of Violence Across the World

Texting has had many significant uses, but the use of SMS to help people remain in or find safety surely stands as one of the most important. Texting is not only a daily convenience, but a powerful force for good worldwide.

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We have all seen the tragedies that have struck a little too close to home.

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10 Things Your Phone Can Do in Emergency Situations

Owning a cell phone has come to be regarded as a necessity in modern society, and with the great advances that have been made in smart phone technology, most of us rely on our phones to help us in an array of situations.

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Can A Text Prevent Theft? How Home Security Is Using SMS 

Providers across industries are embracing text messaging as a modern boost to their marketing and customer service. While the home security industry is hardly an exception, it is doing even more interesting things with texting; some security companies are incorporating text messaging into the very services they offer, and to much benefit.


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