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NotePage SMS and Text Messaging Background

Reseller News March 5, 2004


NotePage has some great new announcements for our resellers! If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed in html format on our website at:

Free Website Content

In an effort to support mobile resellers or paging carriers, NotePage is providing the following three articles for syndication. What this means is the following articles can be reproduced in opt-in ezines or on websites free of charge, provided the about the author box remains intact.

What is SMS -

What are Ringtones -

Cellular Portability -

Notification of use is not required but would be appreciated, simply send an email to if you opt to use any of the above articles.

NotePage is very please to announce six new integration partners. Brief descriptions of the integrations can be read below, details of the integration can be found in the integration section of NotePage's website.

Novar Controls Integration

Novar Controls allows for building and facility management. By using PageGate in conjunction with Novar Control applications alerts and status can be sent to managers allowing them to be aware of any critical issues in a timely fashion.

Navicare Integration

Navicare allows for real-time hospital work flow management. By using PageGate in conjunction with Navicare's system alerts can be immediately sent to physicians and support staff's pagers and cellular phones.

Kiwi Syslog Integration

Kiwi Syslog monitors and easily informs users of system problems. By using NotePager Pro in combination with Kiwi Syslog, alerts can be sent to pagers and cellular phones, adding another level of notification to network management.

TrapSnap Integration

TrapSnap with PageGate, turns SNMP traps into support calls easily reducing or even preventing outages. Automatically respond to alarms and control your systems. TrapSnap Cam tracks entries to critical rooms, improving security.

Personal Stock Monitor Integration

Designed for novice investors and seasoned professionals alike, Personal Stock Monitor will track multiple portfolios of stocks/funds you own or are watching, which can be automatically updated on any regular schedule with some 50 different optional parameters.

SolarWinds Orion

SolarWinds Orion v7 uses NotePage's software to send network alerts to system administrators when errors or problems occur.

T-Mobile TAP number

NotePage's support department has recently tracked down a T-Mobile TAP number. If you require this number in order to send T-Mobile messages please contact us at .

Expanded Support Options

Forums - The NotePage support forums have been extremely well received. If you have any functionality or support questions, feel free to search the forums for answers. Please feel free to answer and ask any questions relating to NotePage's software on the online forums at

White Papers

Interested in being profiled on NotePage's website? If you use NotePage in an innovative way and would like to appear on the NotePage website answer the following questions.

1.) Please describe what kind of business the your department is responsible for ?
2.) How does your business use PageGate?
3.) Describe how this makes day to day business operations run smoother
4.) Any quotes or comments you would like included.

Just reply to this email if you are interested in being involved. As always thank you for your continued support!

New Add-ons to pageGate

This has not yet been announced to the general public, resellers are getting a preview. PageGate v4 has two new addons available. The first add-on is an SNPP-In gateway, which allows for messages to be sent into PageGate using SNPP and then redistributed to the appropriate individuals.

The SNPP server add-on will require PageGate's Commandline/Ascii interface, and a 5000 pager license (or larger). It will be capable of running as a regular application, or as a System Service under NT, 2000, and XP. The SNPP server will be high-performance multi-threaded server capable of many simultaneous inbound connections.

It will have a configuration file a PIN number range file for configuring the server's options, and to set ranges of acceptable PIN numbers. Bad PIN numbers can be rejected or silently dropped (your choice). Because the message are accepted into PageGate, they will be able to be delivered via any of PageGate's supported protocols. The most commonly used protocol will probably be TAP with a direct connection to a paging terminal, but any of the other delivery mechanisms will be supported.

PageGate also now has a new touch-tone recognition add-on. This add-on allows users of the PageGate application to initiate text messages remotely from any touch-tone phone. Groups of recipients, and text messages can be setup ahead of time, and then initiated remotely from any touch tone phone.

This new capability can be extremely handy for situations when messages need to be sent, but a suitable computer is not available. The new touch-tone add-on requires a voice modem (modems based on the Connexant and US Robotics chipsets have been tested), an operational installation of PageGate, and PageGate's Commandline/Ascii interface. There is a $50.00 charge for the new touch-tone recognition add-on.

Affiliate Program

NotePage has expanded its affiliate program. This is a great way to earn additional revenue with your website. Simply sign up as an affiliate, place a link on your website and you will be compensated for any referral that results in a sale!

Thank you

We'd like to thank you for your continued support. As always if there is something you feel will assist you in promoting NotePage's software please drop us a note. We are always eager to assist our resellers.

Thank you Reseller Sales NotePage, Inc.
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