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NotePage SMS and Text Messaging Background

Reseller Information

NotePage has a flexible reseller program targeted at specific types of resellers, please find the one that best fits your organization.

Carrier Reseller Programs

CD Sales Interested in stocking NotePager Pro CDs? This is the program for you.
Standard Reseller Program Carriers interested in the more traditional reseller program.

System or Network Reseller Programs

Standard Reseller Program For those interested in reselling NotePage's software typically in the computer service industry or acts as a systems integrator.

Software Developers

Integration Partner Program for Software Developers who have a complimentary product line which they would like to add paging or messaging capabilities to existing applications.
Standard Reseller Program software developers interested in reselling NotePage's software and earning revenue by cross promoting NotePage's software to their existing customers base.

Corporate Sales

Standard Reseller Program for large corporate resellers that cater to the educational market, government industries, or fortune 1000 accounts.

Other Permissions

CD Vendor Information for those interested in publishing and/or distributing CD ROMs containing NotePage's software.

Resources for Resellers

Archive of Reseller Newsletters History of newsletters sent out to resellers.


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