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July 2015 - Newsletter

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Smart Phone, Healthy You
Trying to keep that New Year's resolution to stay fit? You'll be pleased to learn that technology can help you far more than it may distract you, if you use it right. Whether you want to stick to a fitness regimen, eat healthier, manage your weight, sleep better, or improve your overall wellness, there is, as they say, an app for that.

Can Your Smart Phone Make You, Well, Smarter?
Smart phones do an abundance of amazing things for us, but it is important to note that making you smarter overnight is not one of them. Your smart phone can, however, be implemented in a way that will aid you substantially in the process of expanding your mind and heightening your intelligence. Use your phone right, and you may be surprised at what it can do!

The Health Implications of Texting
These applications of texting are certainly a boon to the sphere of health and medicine, which constantly grows more efficient and effective as we develop technology and find new uses for it. With so many new uses for SMS arising in the medical community, texting promises to provide many innovative and useful new programs to come.

How Your Phone Can Make Driving Safer
As much as we love our phones, their widespread use has a number of negative consequences, and the fact that almost one in four car collisions involve cell phones is a particularly grave one. However, many innovators have responded to this danger, developing technologies that aim to reduce the role of cell phones in distracted driving.

When Crisis Strikes
We have all seen the tragedies that have struck a little too close to home.

Settings for Popular Carriers

Verizon Conversion from TAP to SMTP

New Role of Cell Phone in Politics
With the expansion of cell phones into so many aspects of our lives, it's hardly surprising that cell phones are playing a growing role in the political sphere.

What is the Right Age for a Cell Phone?
There are a few factors, however, that remain consistently important in helping parents decide whether their child or young teenager is ready for their own phone.

Stayed Tuned!
We will be announcing a new NotePager Pro Release shortly as well as a number of new partnerships and integrations!

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